Road to Redemption

  • Artist:
    Victor Bregeda
  • Title:
    Road to Redemption
  • Original Medium:
    Oil on canvas
  • Canvas Size:
    20 x 24 inches
  • Availability:
    Limited Edition (50 SN)

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On the Road to Redemption, Victor takes us on a philosophical journey of forgiveness and atonement. This painting expands the theme started by Bregeda in his other artwork, Return to Paradise.

The center stage is the long, winding road leading up to Heaven. Bregeda applies his surrealistic vision to portray human souls as dray-men moving their heavy loads on a life-long journey. The apples – symbols of original sin – represent the burdens of past transgressions.

One the right side, we see the watchtower. The burning candle is lighting the path with the flame of God’s glory. The guardian angel is welcoming the weary souls. A keen eye will notice several heavenly beings made from molten wax. Perhaps, the most subtle is the feminine image standing at the lower, left corner.

Victor points out that finding peace and reconciliation cannot occur when isolated from God. The Road to Redemption is leading up to the clouds, where the Lord of Heaven and the faces of the Holy Trinity can be seen.

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