Museum of Biblical Art

In the paintings with Christian themes I attempt to show my point of view. The Holy Scripture is one of the main themes in the art history. You can’t ignore it. – Victor Bregeda

In the life of every accomplished artist there are pivotal moments when a career is taken to the next level. Bregeda’s first breakthrough happened after signing with Sargent’s Fine Art on Maui, Hawaii in the early 2000s. Victor quickly established himself as a best-selling artist and his international recognition became to rise. Now years later, Bregeda has reached another critical milestone – his solo exhibition at a prominent museum.

The Museum of Biblical Art, the MBA, in Dallas, TX presents 11 original Victor Bregeda paintings from the early and recent periods. The MBA has a simple mission: to display art with a Biblical theme. Nothing of its size exists in the United States, making it a treasure trove for art enthusiasts. Featured exhibits have included: the Marc Chagall Exhibit, the artworks of John Singer Sargent, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, named Texas Tourism’s Attraction of the Year.

The opening reception at the MBA took place on April 8th, 2014. Many thanks to the MBA organizers. The museum venue was fantastic. The MBA blew us away with the beauty of the interior and the richness of the art exhibits. We got to meet Scott Peck, MBA Director, his wonderful staff and a nice crowd of museum supporters. By popular demand Victor’s exhibition at the museum has been extended until 2016.