Still Life Flight

  • Artist:
    Victor Bregeda
  • Title:
    Still Life Flight
  • Original Medium:
    Oil on canvas
  • Canvas Size:
    23.5 x 31.5 in
  • Availability:
    Limited Edition (350SN)

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In Still Life Flight, Victor combines elements from the three different painting styles: landscape, seascape, and still life. All compositional parts are realistically portrayed, but are combined in unconventional ways.

This piece is an abstract landscape of a vast, blue plain stretching to the mountains, guided by a man, pulling a flying ship across the fluorescent sky.

It also reflects a still life with the bottle and apple atop the blue tablecloth.

Furthermore, it is a seascape scene represented by the sailing ships.

In combing all of these styles, Bregeda implies that ordinary and seemingly unrelated elements of life can coexist in multiple realities with different meanings.

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