Refreshing Personality

  • Artist:
    Victor Bregeda
  • Title:
    Refreshing Personality
  • Original Medium:
    Oil on canvas
  • Canvas Size:
    31.5 x 23.5
  • Availability:
    Limited Edition

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This fun painting, Refreshing Personality,  speaks volumes to the benefits of a positive personality. We open to a man sitting in the middle of the work who has taken the form of a tempting watermelon.This delightful character has seemingly pleased all of those present with this artwork. We watch as women line up on the right side of the painting in hopes of getting the opportunity to share a moment with this charming fellow.

Meanwhile, the men stand beneath him in hopes of capturing a bit of his essence.

This painting proves as a friendly reminder of the fortune that comes from a good outlook on life.


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