Gone Fishing

  • Artist:
    Victor Bregeda
  • Title:
    Gone Fishing
  • Original Medium:
    Oil on canvas
  • Canvas Size:
    16 x 20 in
  • Availability:
    Limited Edition

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Sometimes, things must be put aside so we may take time to be at peace and reflect in silence.  Our character has checked out from the worries of the world into the serenity of the pristine lake.

His thoughts begin to drift into a sweet dream that is seen as his surroundings take surreal shapes. He takes solace in a lone standing tree, making himself at home in a cozy bird’s nest. A cabin has taken flight and breezes by him in the skies above. His cat passes the time while counting fish swimming alongside the boat.

Gone Fishing is the perfect depiction of a quiet, blissful day that everyone needs to have every once in a while.

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