Sargent’s Fine Art

Victor Bregeda at Sargent's Fine Art

Victor Bregeda & Sargent’s Fine Art

Victor Bregeda’s rise to fame began in 2000 at Sargent’s Fine Art located on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. The gallery has been in business in Lahaina since 1994. The owner Dick Sargent has assembled a group of international artists to create one of the most vibrant galleries in the Pacific art world.

Throughout the years, Victor spent the best creative moments of his career during his long stays on Maui. The partnership with the Sargent’s gallery turned into a notable business venture. Many famous celebrities including Carlos Santana and Oscar De La Hoya were introduced to Victor’s artworks on Maui and joined the long list of his fans and art collectors.

The summer of 2012 was marred by a brief legal dispute between Victor and Dick Sargent’s art publishing company. The disagreement was quickly resolved and the relationship completely restored. All Bregeda artworks that have been sold by Sargent’s Fine Art are 100% authentic and any information indicating otherwise should be considered unfounded.

To this day, Victor remains one of Sargent’s signature artists, and he continues to visit Maui every year for his annual art shows. Sargent’s Fine Art is the premier gallery partner of Bregeda Fine Art and most importantly is the place of peace and friendship.